Monday, May 26, 2014

Oreo Makeover

Take your favorite milk cookie and turn it into a beautiful sweet dessert within five minutes! Using only three ingredients, you can make these for a birthday party, a goodie bag favor, or even have these set aside for a midnight sugar rush. These adorable and easy-to-make munchies bring a pop of color to any occasion.

The first ingredients you will need are your favorite Oreos. Place your desired amount in a plate or platter for easy accessibility.
 The next ingredient you will need are meltable chocolate candies. I prefer using Wilton's candy melts because they are at every Michael's and they come in a huge variety of colors. Here I am just using white chocolates, but of course you can alter the colors and flavors to whatever you desire.
 To finish off this simple scrumptious dessert, I have some pretty sprinkles to give it some sparkle and color. Funfetti sprinkles would be an adorable alternative for a kid-friendly event.
 I have all my ingredients laid out in one spot so that I can reach the things I need to prevent the candy melts from drying up before I am done. I also have mini cookie cutters out because if you want to put a shape on your dipped Oreos {such as a flower or a butterfly like here}, you can place that over the cookie and put the sprinkles inside of it.
 Next, I zapped the chocolates {with a break every 30 seconds to mix the candies} until they were melted. Then, I dipped the cookies halfway into the chocolate. However, you can dip it all the way in if that is the look you are going for.
Lastly, I showered some pretty sprinkles atop the chocolate before it hardened to give it some beautiful sparkle before I placed it into a cute cupcake wrapper. Voila!

Happy Memorial Day! (And be sure to go catch some great sales before it's too late!)

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