Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bedroom Inspo

I am going to be giving my room an entire makeover next month, and I thought I would post some of the ideas I had in mind for the decor. I am going for a rustic, cozy, chic, and minimalist look, so most of the inspiration images will be plain and simple. However, I will be adding color here and there to complement the seasons and make it more unique with my own DIY decor. One of the reasons why I love redoing my room is because I love seeing the transformations and starting fresh with a whole new look. The best part of it all is the DIY part, which is actually what is most of the decor that will make up my new room.

Color Palette: I love these relaxing neutrals (the greys, whites, and complementing nudes and browns).
Work Space: I love this desk space because of the crawling plant, the simple storage, and especially the rug, which is a big diagonal striped square area rug from Pattern Society.
Floor Space: I cannot express my love for the combination of medium-dark hardwood flooring and a shaggy faux fur rug.
Foot-of-the-Bed Area: (For footrest-less bed owners!) A great way to add some interest to the room rather than having a plain empty feeling.
Desk Decor: This is a perfect example of a modern-rustic look with that pop of (spring, in this image) color that I am hoping for. I love the black, white, and grey with little splashes of pink and peach; I also love the little hints of gold here and there.
Finishing Touches: I love the simplicity of this picture. My favorite pares about this one are the chunky cable knit throw and the easy daisy pillow, which anyone could easily DIY.
Finishing Touches (contd.): I love this cactus and its pot and the table it is on, I think it is a great way to style a little table (I am thinking of having a smaller cactus on a DIY crate bedside table)

Driftwood shelf, which is super easy to make with less than 5 supplies.
Hanging edside table which is super cute, simple, and unique. I adore the idea of hanging clay plant pots as well!
Stump tables (which I will be also using as a footrest for my faux fur beanbag chair)
Bedside crate table, perfect for storing magazines and holding a small bedside tray.
Art canvas (for mounting over the headboard) and accent pillows.
Branch curtain rod, for placing above a long window or a balcony door.
Honeycomb hexagon shelves, a nice modern way to store and display your favorite things.
Antler curtain tieback for letting some morning sunshine spill through your windowpanes.

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