Friday, February 13, 2015


Hey guys, I have no idea what's been up with the pics on the blog lately... Is it going whackadoo for you too? I just opened it up to work on this post a couple days ago and nearly fell over when I noticed that every single photo that exists on this blog is no longer visible. I checked from my laptop, my phone, and even used my brothers gadgets to see if the pics were unavailable to you guys too. I seriously can't believe it all disappeared! Being seriously technology impaired, I have no idea how to possibly get them back. RIP blog posts of the past...
Moving on to the fashion, I've invested in a new leather jacket {and I'm in love} that has impressed me with its quality for its ridiculously low price. In my opinion, one of the most chic ways to wear a classic black leather jacket is by pairing it with some favorite black jeans and a simple white tee. To give it some more edge, a simple plaid tied around your waist and some converse will help achieve the desired laid back style goal. Here's my attempt at creating this look
jacket: forever21
top: asos (now on sale!)
flannel: forever21
jeans: zara
scarf: forever21
shoes: converse