Saturday, November 28, 2015


Besides black, grey, and white {which are not even colors, artistically speaking} my actual favorite color to wear is camel. I love how it completely emphasizes the beauty of fall. When I see it I imagine a big warm animal or something *like a camel maybe?*:P. The richness of the color summarizes crunchy leaves, caramel macchiatos, pumpkin pie, warm gravy on heaps of mashed potatoes, flickering fireplaces, shaggy dogs --- the list is endless. It sounds ridiculous to be so affected by a color, but it's just part of the whole fall package... Especially when the garment is a knit, the whole autumn feeling comes in full blast and I'm completely wonderstruck. Can you tell fall is my favorite season? By the way, Happy Thanksgiving! This was actually what I wore on Thanksgiving day, it was perfect for a casual family evening. An outfit like this would work great for nearly any relaxed/informal occasion.
tee: zara
jeans: zara
loafers: asos, {sold out} similar here
watch: forever21
bag: asos, {sold out} similar here
sunnies: nordstrom

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