Thursday, November 5, 2015

H M x B A L M A I N !

DISCLAIMER: The following material may be extremely long and boring to read if you don't care about fashion. If you are willing to be liable for reading everything in the content below, I applaud you. With that said, please read responsibly.

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! I've been waiting for the release of this collection for months and I'm so excited about this collaboration. For ages now, Olivier Rousteing has been one of my biggest inspirations, he has such a modern eye, and I feel like he's a designer who's really able to cater to my style. It's amazing how he brings together so many different and unrelated aspects of fashion and fuses them into a collection. He directs his label towards a fine aspect of French couture that embodies an Asian military silhouette, most iconic for sharply tailored and opulent embellishments. What I love the most about this collaboration with H&M is how Rousteing maintains Balmain's distinctive aesthetic through garments at an affordable price. Here are some of the looks in the campaign!
Yeeeees, love how the video was produced. Round of applause for Balmain.... Ever since Olivier Rousteing leaked the collection, I had my eyes on the gorgeous pair of  silk-blend velvet pants. I also was *and still am* in love with the gold and pearl detailed jacket and the pearl-encrusted blazer, but they were out of my budget and sold out within minutes so I didn't bother going after them. These are my most coveted pieces in order of importance:
I'm sure everyone knows what's left of the collection now (literally a white bandeau top, WTH right), everything was sold out online within a few hours, and about half of the entire collection was gone within the first 30 mins of the launch. As for in stores, over 400 people were lined up around the blocks (hours in advance) of each H&M location that were opening doors to the shoppers. It was like the Harry Potter 7 book release all over again... The sad part is most people are either name-brand crazy or they bought pieces just to sell them on ebay for double the price! SERIOUSLY ARE THERE ANY PEOPLE LEFT IN THIS WORLD WHO ACTUALLY APPRECIATE DESIGNERS SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY'RE TALENTED AND UNIQUE?! Excuse my ranting, but I just don't understand why people are blinded by a label. It's so sad to see that fashion and good designers have evolved into a craze of materialism and pop culture (i.e. people wasting their money on things just because Kylie Jenner wore them). 

So now that you know how much I love this collection, I'll now inform you on my personal experience with the launch...
Long long ago in a galaxy far far away... Just kidding lol. Anyways. The official release of the collection was 8am EST, which is 5am PST. So I was up at 5am waiting for it to go public, when I noticed that I was four minutes late *shocker!* What happened? Well I wasn't able to get onto the site because there were too many people on it at once. This was the dreaded message that popped up on my *and thousands of other people's* screens every time the page was refreshed:
Yah it was a little scary. So while I kept refreshing the page, I checked twitter for any news and sure enough there were so many people who had been waiting on the site for hours not getting anywhere. I was convinced that I wouldn't be able to get on, especially because I had been online for about 5 minutes, whereas others had been online for about an hour. Then after probably 20 minutes refreshing the page, I somehow got on. Yah, I know, I can't believe it still. The most amazing part of the story is the pants I've been googly-eyed for were one of the last pieces in stock! I zipped to checkout and didn't bother wasting time looking at anything else because I would have lost what was in my cart. I'm such a geek, I keep checking the tracking info hahah. They were so affordable compared to the rest of the pieces... I'm just so grateful that everything worked out aH and I can't wait until they arrive so I can style them!! :)

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