Thursday, December 24, 2015


Traveling is stressful enough, so why make packing another burden on yourself? Here's a simple way to pack lightly for a casual trip to visit friends and family during the holidays off, which is most likely 1-2 weeks. A minimalist packer and dresser's first instinct would be to have a variety of good BASICS. I like to say "with good basics, anything is possible" because they make it so easy to mix and match into entirely new looks. When I'm packing for a casual vacation during the winter I first and foremost will ALWAYS bring out my favorite sweaters and knits. About 3-4 is probably a good amount. Next things are tees, which are great for layering underneath the sweaters. I try keeping a small variety of textures or patterns so my outfits won't look too repetitive. Next is denim. Denim denim denim. I can't say enough times that good jeans are the foundation of any casual look. I usually opt for a pair of black, medium wash skinnies, and/or bf jeans. If you're not a denim type of person then you could always go for joggers/sweats or leggings instead. Up next are the shoes. If you're going to be going out a lot I'd say bring 2 pairs, otherwise just one pair will be perfectly fine. I like to have some options even for a short trip, so I usually bring my favorite sneaks, a pair of booties when I want to look more put-togther, and maybe a pair of flats for an occasion that's more on the fancy side. Because it's been so cold lately I've been obsessed with wearing thick fuzzy blanket scarves. When I wear them over jackets I feel like such a fancy schmancy New Yorker hahah! Plus I love burrowing my face into them when wind picks up. Anyways, that about sums up everything I need in terms of every day clothing, have a wonderful winter!

Sunday, December 20, 2015


The weekends are the times where I have a bad habit of indulging myself in homemade yums. Which are always uncontrollably addicting.... Guess there are both pros and cons to having a mom that uses you to test her chef skills on hahah! One of the things I love about weekends at home are waking up late to the scent of something sweet leading to the kitchen. Here are some photos I snapped of her amazing maple glaze donuts. I would have included a recipe but unfortunately it's currently being kept confidential {Meaning she won't even give me the recipe! Let's start a protest to convince her to reveal it! LOL}
^^^Isn't this mug unbelievably adorable? I have an obsession with mugs and of course the contents of them :)

Sunday, December 13, 2015


I'm pretty sure by now pretty much the entire world knows how obsessed I am with the overcast and rainy weather. That being said, I tend to become a chameleon and blend into the environment with my clothes :P. This sweater is a cool fuzzy grey like the clouds and these glasses, which are currently staples, go with the pine trees and the blue sky. So poetic, I know. Anywho pretty much this entire outfit is made up of basics that are so easy to mix and match with absolutely anything, including each other. Also let's just have a moment of silence for this backpack that has completely changed my life haha!
sweater: forever21 {sold out, similar here and here}
mom jeans: {black sold out} similar here
kicks: adidas
scarf: vela scarves
sunnies: forever21 {sold out, similar here and here}
backpack: forever21

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


What a mess! All my favorite makeup products in one big unnatural bagspill, of course. What can I say? Some messes are quite attractive :) These are some of my essential beauty items that add some spice to the long boring weekdays. During the week I keep it minimal for time's sake, and because I choose sleep over beating my face lol. Plus, I think it's good to give your skin some rest before a busy weekend where you might want to wear a full face of makeup. I usually start off my makeup routine by exfoliating, then moisturizing my face {in order to maintain a soft and healthy complexion}. Then I use my beauty blender to blend in my concealer which I apply in a v-shape underneath my eyes {because AP classes and college apps can get in the way of sleep, 'nuff said?}. Next I'll groom my brows and apply some clear mascara before heading out the door. On the weekends, I might use a shade or two from my naked basics palette to add some definition to my brow bone, and sometimes some eyeliner or a simple nude/brown lipstick for a party or photoshoot. Lastly, I finish off with a dab of Jo Malone's wild bluebell on my wrists {only occasionally} and voilĂ  :)
iPhone case: Casetify
sunnies: Nordstrom
rings: mango + forever21
bag: asos, {sold out} similar here