Monday, February 8, 2016


They don't want us to have fancy keychains!! Ok let's get real. Ever since the Fendi keychains caught my eye last year, I thought it was a great way to accessorize an everyday item and make it look more attractive. However, once the Jenner girls started posting photos of them all over the place I knew this would not only be another viral trend, but it would be promoting real fur... I'm not going to start problems by going in depth on my views on fashion fur, but let's just say I'm not a supporter. When it comes to fur in fashion, one of my goals is to prove that there's more than just one way to pull off a certain look and have a classy appearance without wearing an abused animal. Thankfully the keychain game was something I was actually into, so I actually enjoy how it looks. I love how simply holding my keys can bring an interesting focal point to a classic t-shirt and jeans and sneaks ensemble. Here are some major keys ;)
puff ball: nordstrom

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  1. I totally love your sense of humor, youre so cute ;)