Monday, February 1, 2016


I must say that I'm pretty impressed with myself for overcoming my disgust for the color pink I've had for ages. {I think Drizzy might have helped me out with that problem HAHAH}. Anyways, I've been wanting to try out the products by Aēsop Skincare for so long now, and I finally was able to pop into a store and *literally* get my hands on this beautifully-packaged hand creme. I cannot begin to explain how obsessed I am with this scent, not to mention how soft my hands are hahah. Even the store is set up so gorgeously! I've added some pictures of the little shop at the end of this post :)
sweater: forever21 {now on sale!}
hand creme: aēsop skincare

Also let's just take a moment of silence for Drake. He's truly changed my perspective towards the color pink. For the longest time it was the ugliest color I ever saw in my life. Thanks to Drizzy things have changed. I'm proud to say I've been inspired. But now every time I see the color pink I'm going to think of this
Oh gosh wait--there's more...
Yup... pink sweater, ugly timbs, turtle neck, puffer coat, tennis-whacking, knee-swinging, and all. This *and don't forget the freaking song itself!* is what popped into my mind when I was snooping around Forever 21's website and saw this pink sweater. I knew it was meant to be, it had to enter my life. So now here I am with this lovely pink sweater. 
Ok I'm honestly just entertaining myself at this point hahah. Everything I just said was exaggerated for the most part {except for the part where I hated pink and drake's outfit popping into my head when I saw this sweater for the first time} Anyways here are some of the pics from the adorable store!
^^^obsessed with this packaging
^^^how adorable is this little tea corner?


  1. My mum dressed me so much in pink that I totally understand how you felt! But this pink hue is so cool that it would change my mind too! Now I like pink very much too x


    1. Haha yeah I didn't think I would ever like it again! Thanks for the love ;)
      - R