Thursday, October 6, 2016


I'm currently taking complete advantage of these last few weeks of warm weather! Neutrals and muted pastels have been a go-to style for me lately, because they create such simple yet cohesive outfits. Since the school year started, I recently got a new phone, obviously requiring me to find a new case. Being a marble addict, I wanted to find something with an edge of my personality. I found that Madotta has the best cases for my style. They're not just great quality, but they stay clean and don't wear out like all of my cases in the past. Not to mention how such an insignificant object can bring interest to a look, especially this grey one. The details are so interesting and I'm super into the color palette!
top: amazon fashion
jeans: zara
sandals: zara
bag: primark
phone case: madotta