Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Ever since I was eleven years old I've been designing clothes and occasionally sewing from some patterns, but it was only until two years ago when I began bringing my sketches to life. I realized that I have never once included my own pieces on my blog, so I hope to bring out more of my own designs in my posts. I think it would be appropriate to celebrate the first post by wearing the first product of my sketches that became physically wearable (this doesn't include simple garments like skirts or pieces I've made with patterns). 

This reworked denim piece was created from recycled jeans I found at local thrift shops. Since entering the fashion industry, I have grown to realize that its fast-moving market and aim for mass production is not appealing to me at all. Essentially, my goal is to cultivate unique, handcrafted pieces that articulate my artistic ideas, sociopolitical views, and overall aesthetic while being environmentally conscious. 

This oversized jacket is intended to bring attention to small details that are easily overlooked, but are crucial to the piece overall. From the raw edges on the sleeves to the copper rivets to the hints of color in labels or even to the placement of a seam, it would be completely different if these minor details had been left out.

glasses: vintage frames {sold out}
earrings: nordstrom
boots: public desire